WA Labor candidate for Morley  Amber-Jade Sanderson  said WA Labor will fight Colin Barnett’s Western Power privatisation and cuts to penalty rates every step of the way.

Ms Sanderson said the Liberals and Nationals were selling a valuable State asset to continue their spending addiction.

Under the Liberal-National Government, State debt has increased from $3.6billion to nearly $40billion. They have blown the budget and are making Western Australians pay by selling an asset that generates revenue for the State.

Ms Sanderson said cutting penalty rates was not the solution to WA’s jobs crisis. Only WA Labor has a Plan for Jobs to create more than 50,000 new jobs across a diverse range of industries.

A McGowan Labor Government will not privatise Western Power and will protect penalty rates for low-paid workers.

“People in Morley have a clear choice at the 2017 State election. Colin Barnett and Brendon Grylls will privatise Western Power and cut penalty rates. WA Labor won't.

“Mark McGowan and I will fight this every step of the way on behalf of everyone in Morley.

“Yesterday's announcements are not a long-term plan for jobs. The last thing we should be doing in a flat economy is to cut the wages of low paid people.

“Mr Barnett's plan to cut penalty rates for low paid workers in Morley will mean less take home pay and less money going back into the WA economy.

“His plan to privatise Western Power will mean an increase in your power bills for local families.

“We need a long term plan to diversify the economy and create new jobs and opportunities.

“Only Mark McGowan and WA Labor will diversify the economy and create jobs by investing in tourism, science and education..

“We will stop the privatisation of Western Power and Horizon to make sure we can continue to pay for nurses, teachers and police.

“And only Mark McGowan and WA Labor will protect penalty rates for West Australians.”

Nollamara resident Jean Russell is angry the Barnett Government have opted to sell off 51% of Western Power.

The 84-year-old has watched her bills almost double since 2012 and says State assets should remain in public hands.

“I have no guarantee prices are not going to go up,” Jean Russell said.

“No one can say prices won’t rise, they will. When it becomes a private enterprise they want as much profit as they can get.

“I have another thing that worries me, and that is jobs could be lost.

“Because we all know that private enterprise try to make the most of everything they can and not care about the workers.

“We should never sell public utilities.

“If I could say something to the Premier, I would say don’t Mr Barnett it’s a bad decision and you’re putting everyone at risk.”