Amber-Jade Sanderson and WA Labor commits:

  • $50,000 for improvements to the Nollamara Autumn Centre
  • $180,000 for CCTV and upgrades the Nollamara Shopping Centre
  • $110,000 for traffic calming measures on Hillsborough Drive and Woodchester Road in Nollamara
  • $150,000 over three years to re-introduce the 354 bus service
  • $10,000 for the Nollamara-based Tuart Hill Soccer Club
  • $60,000 to build a nature playground at Nollamara Primary School

Nollamara residents will be better off under a WA Labor Government, with local candidate Amber-Jade Sanderson pledging to address several serious concerns held by locals in the area.

In a revamp for the suburb neglected by the Liberal government, Nollamara will receive $560,000 in funding in the first term of a Labor government to improve the livability of the area for local residents.

This includes $180,000 for upgrades to the Nollamara Shopping Centre to make it a welcoming community hub. As part of this, better lighting and CCTV will be installed as well as repairs and upgrades to existing facilities.

A further $110,000 will be allocated for traffic calming measures on Hillsborough Drive and Woodchester Road, with the two residential streets used as “rat-runs” for motorists attempting to avoid the intersection of Wanneroo Road and Morley Drive.

Ms Sanderson has also pledged $50,000 to improve the Nollamara Autumn Centre to conduct facility upgrades and maintenance, including replacing doors that don’t open correctly and fixing the warped floor in the bowling area.

“These commitments by WA Labor are vital for the Nollamara community who have been neglected under the Barnett Liberal Government over the last eight years," she said. 

“Nollamara is a fantastic suburb with many young families and seniors in the area, and that’s why I want to ensure there are facilities and spaces available for local residents to create strong communities ties.

“These upgrades and additional facilities will be implemented in close consultation with the local community and businesses.  It is important that these upgrades are not simply imposed, but are implemented in line with community wishes.

“If elected, I will work closely with residents and the City of Stirling to ensure good outcomes to make Nollamara a thriving hub of activity and also make the community safer.

“WA Labor is commitment to developing strong, safe and happy communities.”