WA Labor has pledged to address several access issues created by the NorthLink project, which have raised safety concerns for the community.

Local members Dave Kelly and Rita Saffioti and WA Labor candidate for Morley Amber-Jade Sanderson have highlighted a number of issues relating to NorthLink. These include:

  • Access to Reid Highway from Lightning Park
  • Access to Beechboro Road North for residents exiting Hamersley Ave.
  • Access issues to Tonkin and Reid Highway for Bennett Springs residents

WA Labor will work with the existing contractors of NorthLink stage 1 and NorthLink stage 2 to address these issues.

These include;  

  • ‘Keep Clear’ markings at the intersection Hamersley Avenue and Beechboro Road North at the intersection and a u-turn facility to allow residents to turn left out of Hamersley Ave and then make a safe u-turn to proceed south on Beechboro Rd North. These changes have been agreed with residents and the City of Bayswater.
  • Keeping a slip road for commuters leaving Lightning Park, so they can access Reid Highway.
  • Examining the NorthLink stage 2 contract to provide better access for Bennett Springs residents to Reid Highway or Tonkin Highway.

An allocation of $3.1 million has been set aside for these works.

Shadow Transport Minister and member for West Swan, Rita Saffioti said it was  that there are a number of local access issues created by the NorthLink project.  

“We do not believe they have been adequately addressed by the Barnett Government, and we will work with existing contractors and local councils to improve access issues," she said. 

“There will be significant changes to flows of traffic on local roads approaching these highways and we want to make sure we have safe intersections, and don’t create traffic bottlenecks in other areas”

WA Labor candidate for Morley Amber-Jade Sanderson said The Barnett Government permanently closed the access road from Lightning Park on November 11 as part of their NorthLink Project.

“The closure of the original access road has caused heavy congestion on residential streets and sparked safety concerns among locals," she said. 

In December, Ms Sanderson held a street corner meeting where more than 60 residents came to discuss the traffic and safety issues they were experiencing. Read more about this here.

“WA Labor will build a slip road access exiting the park therefore significantly limiting the impact on residents in Noranda," Ms Sanderson said. 

“The whole aim is to maintain access in and out of the park with minimum disturbance to residents.”

Member for Bassendean Dave Kelly said this was the right step to make the project safer. 

“The closure of Abbey Street because of the NorthLink Project has made the intersection of Hamersley Avenue and Beechboro Road North a tragedy waiting to happen," he said. 

“By listening to residents concerns and working with the City of Bayswater, WA Labor has come up with sensible changes to make the intersection safer.”