Last Wednesday (January 25th), the Northlink Noranda Residents Group met with the City of Bayswater Mayor, North Ward Councillors Michelle Sutherland and Alan Radford and Members of the City's Roads and Engineering team to discuss ideas presented at the community meeting held in December.
At the meeting, the group reaffirmed it's commitment to the two outcomes of the community meeting:
1. That a slip road providing access to Lightning Park was the priority.
2. If not possible, that the original Option 1 from Community Consultation (one way in, one way out) be implemented.
Mayor Barry McKenna opened the meeting and reaffirmed his commitment to advocate for local residents to the State Government.
City officers stated that under the current terms of the NorthLink contract, that a slip road would not be possible. In terms of managing traffic, their suggestion was to place traffic counters on local streets to gauge the possible issue.
Residents made it clear to the City that traffic counters alone would not in any way address the issue. 
Noting the scale of the issue and large numbers of affected residents we sought two commitments from the Mayor and Councillors:
1. That Councillors support a motion at a Council meeting in support of local residents, calling on the State Government to negotiate a 'variation of contract' the NorthLink contract to provide for a slip road.
Mayor Barry McKenna agreed to put the motion forward if no other Councillor does so.
2. That the City Engineers would begin working on a plan to manage traffic in and out of the facility in the short term.  
The City agreed to place Rangers at key times to deter people exiting the park illegally via Della.
We expect these items to be put at the February Council Meeting and I encourage all residents to contact Councillors urging them to support them.
This was an important meeting and a great first step in securing a good outcome.
It is clear that the only way that a slip road will be possible is to put pressure on the State Government to renegotiate and vary the NorthLink contracts they have signed.
I will be sending an update on Labor's position on this in the near future.
Again, I encourage all residents to contact local Councillors to let them know your views and write a Letter to the Editor of the Eastern Reporter at to highlight your concerns.
I want to thank all members of the Residents Group who came along to the meeting and gave their feedback.