11 October 2022

Bentley Hospital’s new modular beds now open

Tuesday, 11 October 2022
  • New 30-bed modular hospital ward opens at Bentley Hospital with the first patients transferred from Royal Perth Hospital today
  • The beds will accommodate rehabilitation patients and free up tertiary beds at Royal Perth Hospital
  • Part of the McGowan Government commitment to deliver extra capacity in WA hospitals

A new 30-bed modular hospital ward has opened today at Bentley Hospital, as part of the McGowan Government's commitment to deliver extra capacity to Western Australian hospitals.


The beds will accommodate admitted rehabilitation patients, including general adult and post-surgical patients, freeing up tertiary beds at Royal Perth Hospital for patients requiring more acute care.


More than 80 full-time clinical and non-clinical employees will staff the new ward, with patient care to be delivered by a multi-disciplinary team of medical, nursing, and allied health professionals.


Located on the north-western corner of the Bentley campus, the facility consists of three pods: an administration pod; an inpatient pod; and a therapy pod - the latter of which incorporates a gymnasium, dining room and group therapy area.


Large windows in all rooms provide views to landscaped outdoor areas and allow for the entry of natural light - an element known to aid recovery and reduce patient delirium.


Patients will be accommodated in 10 single rooms and 10 double rooms, each with their own bathroom facilities. 


These beds are part of the McGowan Government's expansions to Osborne Park, Rockingham, Bentley, and Bunbury hospitals to deliver a combined 120 new beds, and form part of the 530 new hospital beds to open this year.


Patients will be admitted in a phased approach, with the first five due to be transferred from Royal Perth Hospital today.


Comments attributed to Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson:


"This new modular hospital ward is the fourth facility of its type to open this year, and is an innovative solution to the demand on our health system.


"The first patients have been transferred from Royal Perth Hospital today, freeing up tertiary beds for patients who need more acute care.


"These beds form part of the McGowan Government's commitment to deliver 530 new hospital beds, which is the equivalent of a new tertiary hospital that would normally take around a decade to build."


Comments attributed to Member for Victoria Park Hannah Beazley:


"The new 30-bed modular ward adds to the 26 new hospital beds the McGowan Government recently opened at the Bentley Hospital.


"The new ward's modular construction has been built in a relatively short timeframe - due to the method of construction and a fast-tracked approvals process - that would normally take years to complete.


"The construction of the new modular ward also allowed for the upgrading of other services throughout the Bentley Health Services site - including fire services - which have improved the safety and operations of Bentley Hospital overall."